The Porch

People are not Edward's forte, but despite his best efforts, people are unavoidable. An autistic adult, Edward finds his routine life disrupted by events that force him to face uncomfortable changes. First, he receives an unusual job assignment that requires him to make monthly visits to a cantankerous old man. Then his widowed mother’s stroke forces Edward to become her caregiver. When the old man overcomes his drug addiction, he tries to make Edward his friend, and Edward is forced to learn to interact. The old man’s recently divorced daughter comes to live with him, and Edward experiences his first romantic infatuation. His crush blossoms into love, which he struggles to express with his limited emotional intelligence. More changes tear Edward out of his routine existence as the old man, now his friend, develops cancer and passes away. He comes to grips with a world of changes and leaves the safety of the old man’s porch to enter the doorway to love and a new life. 


League of Utah Writers

24 August 2019

Cover: The Porch
Cover: The Porch


Isn't Long Enough!

I highly recommend this lovely story about a young man with the defining characteristics of autism who is pushed out of his comfort zone and learns to connect with others. The author captures the young man's experience beautifully and I found myself pulled into his worries and rooting for him. I great, quick read. My only complaint is that it isn't long enough and I'd love even more story about Edward! :) 

-- Callie S.

A View of Autism

 I have no personal experience with autism, but I feel I have a better understanding because of "The Porch." I appreciate viewing it through Edward's eyes. 

--C. Wolf

Like No Other I've Read

This author has a gift for subtle humor, but as we turn the pages, we learn it's not humor at all, but rather an examination of the human condition. We experience fear, loneliness, a relationship that grows even as sorrow looms ahead. We are reminded of the resilience of youth, and how insecurity can alter a life, and how love can transform. This book is like no other I've read.

-- S.S.

I Had to Keep Reading

From the first page, I liked Edward, and I was drawn to the writing style. The contrast between his inner thoughts and the humor in how he viewed the world appealed in a curious way. I had to keep reading to learn more about him.