All my life I have heard people say that the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament is impenetrable, enigmatic, and indecipherable. Yet some of the most sublime and oft-quoted prophecies of the Messiah came from the quill of Isaiah. The book of Isaiah is, an incredibly important book of scripture, quoted by prophets, angels, and Christ himself. If it is so full of powerful prophecies and promises of hope that should cause us to rejoice, why do people say it is so hard to understand? Why would the Lord hide His greatest statements in a book that no one wants to read?

Having passed through the Book of Isaiah one time in my gallant attempt as a teenager to read the Old Testament cover to cover, I finally decided I wanted to know for myself what was contained in this mysterious collection of writings. I determined to read Isaiah in the King James Version word for word, verse for verse, and see for myself what it had to say.

What I found was more than astounding. The messages of hope, mercy, and forgiveness were powerful. Isaiah's faith and testimony in and of the Messiah was unmistakable.

Join me on a journey through the words and visions of The Prophet whom Christ Himself quoted more often than any other as proof of His messiahship.

Searching Isaiah: Learning Line Upon Line
Searching Isaiah: Learning Line Upon Line

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